Journal Companion

Multi-Device Sync


To get started navigate to settings, tap on Sync and then select Sign Up. Enter in an email address and choose a password.

Done! You have now enabled sync and your data will automatically be backed up every time you close the app or put the app into background.


You can access your data on any device using the Journal Companion (v. 16.1 or higher) by going to Settings, tap on Sync, then select Sign In. Type in the email you used to sign up with and then type in your password.

You will now see a message asking you if you want to keep our local data or use your cloud data.

  • If you select Use cloud data all of the current data stored on the device will be deleted and replaced by the data that is stored in the cloud. Keep in mind that you might not have any data in the cloud.
  • If you select Keep local data the data currently stored on the device will overwirite the data that is in the cloud. This means that if you use cloud data on another device that devices data will be changed to the data you currently havee on your device.

If you succesfully signed in you should see a message saying Sync is now on


In older versions of the Journal Companion (before 16.0) we had a backup feature which allowed the user to push and pull logs between devices. The new Sync feature extends this functionality to not only sync whenever the app is opened and/or closed it also sync all data (except page images).